Nyrius EMS application

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Nyrius EMS application Empty Nyrius EMS application

Post by Nyrius on Mon Oct 16, 2017 7:03 am

I just wanted to drop in an application here. Dilan, Rogue and WooJa, thanks for all the help and laughs in game. I've been playing the role of combat medic for a couple months and you guys have had great tips. Im pretty sure that flying an all white ambulance has kept me alive more than once.

I realize you guys might be full, so if there's ever an opening just give me a shout. Otherwise, please know that I'm always at the disposal of EMS regardless.

*If there's ever a vacancy, I'd really like to continue in the capacity of on-site repairs. I can deshield queens etc., but driving an ambulance throughout VO is a blast.




0 PKs (I don't know if this is a requirement, but I take my RP seriously lol. I'd have to restart my character if I ever accidentally killed someone.)

I don't have any alts yet, but I'll make one if required.
I've been playing for close to 4 months.


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Nyrius EMS application Empty Re: Nyrius EMS application

Post by WooJa JoRed on Mon Oct 16, 2017 5:22 pm

Glad to see uvwere abke to get the application in. I'll do some talking to the playerbase and the rest of the guild. But so far things look grate. Looking forward to having him out ranks
WooJa JoRed
WooJa JoRed

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