Reasons for TRS leaving EMS

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Reasons for TRS leaving EMS

Post by TheRedSpy on Sun Feb 19, 2012 3:53 am

When I built the trident my goal was to provide capship hire to those otherwise unable to get it, and eventually to form an inter-guild association that would stand for a streamlined, cooperative and commercial effort to bring more capital class vessels in the game.

I chose EMS to do this because I thought that it was the right guild to do it with. EMS has always been mandated to be neutral in contracts. So I would have a market with all the guilds who didn't yet have available to them a trident.

Unfortunately, everybody seems to have a different idea about what an EMS capship should do, and nobody will agree on what that should be.

The result was I was under constant attacks. VPR made alts specifically to attack me, others hunted through sector after sector and effectively ruined any chances I had of providing services to anyone. I was also defenceless to these attacks because EMS will not tellar ulam people as principle.

After consultations with Choco, we came to the conclusion that EMS would either have to change too much for the capship to fit in, or we would have to breach our obligations of neutrality and refuse contracts with FAMY in order to settle political tensions.

I have therefore left the guild to pursue the same aims and goals i've always had, without the political turmoil of pursuing them under EMS.


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