Welcome to EMS!!

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Welcome to EMS!!

Post by CoreRep on Tue Nov 10, 2009 3:11 pm

Welcome to the Emergency Mechanical Services board!

[EMS] is the premier guild of medics in VO, we are highly skilled in a wide variety of situations, and highly dedicated to our profession.
We will, and have established the beginnings of the first universal healthcare system in Vendetta history! No one shall ever be turned away from our service due to occupation or national origin. All peoples from pirate to trader, and everyone in between from all nations deserve fine and adequate healthcare. This is the driving force behind what we do. By proxy of course, this means by our very nature we are completely neutral.

Our ships are completely unarmed and painted white, equipped with the best medical equipment, these being Repair Module II(s) and typically storm radar so even if needed deep inside and ion storm, we can get you out alive, coincidentally we can also locate lost and important cargo inside these storms with relative ease.

We provide many services that would be otherwise impossible to obtain, such as help with difficult missions such as the Corvus Superlight for example. If your cornered in a foreign system, and you think your cornered by people that want you dead, we can come in and repair your ship giving you a better chance of making it out alive. Raiding parties often need support we can ensure their members live so they can complete their task be it killing a queen or blockading a wormhole. We provide "other services" that require a great deal of trust in us.

That brings us to the next topic. We have a firm policy on our patients rights to privacy, our medics have been instructed to keep everything they see and hear a complete secret. Even amongst ourselves we do not talk about our patients, confidentiality is a cornerstone of our service, and is taken Very seriously. Many things are considered confidential such as alts, information on locations, the nature and amount paid for contracts, and any "other" information told to us in confidence by our patients and those who consider us friends.

Contracts are a binding legal way in which we can be hired and our services obtained. Contracts come in a wide variety of forms. Once one of our medics takes a contract, he is forced to stay inside it. No offer of money, even if it is to the tune of millions of credits more than the current contract, and no matter how much he is threatened, or if he dies repeatedly, the medic will perform his service and hold up his end of the contract. When a member of [EMS] takes on a contract, at that instant, he is no longer neutral and will begin to repair in combat to ensure the lives he has been entrusted with. At the end of the contract however, he is neutral and all those who killed him during the contract have a "clean slate".

There are rules which bind our behavior, as the behavior and actions of [EMS] and its individual members and their apprentices (respectively) ultimately reflect upon the Commander of the [EMS]. If ever you have a problem with us, or what we do, please feel free to voice your concerns directly with me, in game, or on the board. I will hear your case, make it right with you, or tell you more about our policies.

Once again, seek us out, we're affordable, and tune-ups are always on the house.

Thank you for visiting the board of Emergency Mechanical Services!


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